(Polski) Nr 9-10 (13-14)

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Numer 9-10 (13-14)


Volodymyr Yemelyanov, Anastasiya Shulga.
Regulatory Framework of Local Government Reform and Unifi cation of
Territorial Communities in Ukraine

Oleksandra Stoian.
Components of Successful Reform of Public Administration and Local
Government in Ukraine

Platon Semerey.
The Comparative Analysis of Providing Administrative Services by the
Center for Providing Administrative Services of the Mykolayiv City Council
in 2014-2016 Years

Svitlana Kryshtanovych.
Prospects of Public Management of Social and Economic Development of
the Carpathian Region: Legal and Administrative Aspects

Anastasiya Karpunets.
Communicative Mechanism of Functioning of the Institute of Public Service
of Ukraine

Tetyana Sylchuk.
Conceptual Approaches to the Concept of Institutional Development of
Public Administration

Valeriy Dmytrenko.
Specifi cities of E-Governance Local Implementation in Ukraine

Yakiv Halanyuk.
State Border Guard Service of Ukraine as a Subject of Interaction with
Public Authorities of Ukraine

Stepan Poltorak.
Formation and Implementation of the Complex Mechanism of Public Administration
of Maintenance of Military Security of Ukraine

Hanna Ivanchenko.
Conceptual Bases of Modernization of Personnel Policy in Public Administration
System of Ukraine

Dmytro Balashov.
Formation and Development Factors of City Brand

Sergiy Gololobov.
Normative and Legal Framework for the Functioning of Foreign and International
Non-Government Organizations

Artem Handziuk.
Peculiarities of Legal Regulation of Factions’ Activities in the Parliament
of Ukraine

Maryna Tverdokhlieb.
Axiology of the Parliamentary Activity: Essence and Features

Serhii Honchar.
Political Socialization as a Basis of Personnel’s Policy in Organs of Local


Alla Dubas.
Formation of Capital Structure and Credit Portfolio of Banking Institution

Andriy Lotariev.
Strategy of Development of Innovation Activities in the Region

Serhiy Chymshyt, Maryna Prylyepova.
Methodical Principles of Stability Assessment of the Social-Economic

Victoria Kovalenko, Victoria Piddubna.
Implementation of Innovative Marketing Channels of the Promotion of
Banking Products

Volodymyr Yemelyanov, Olexander Kurnosov.
Tools of Improvement of State Administration in the Tax Field


Hanna Bondar.
Negotiations Between the State and Civil Society in Situations of Confl ict:
Strategy and Tactics of Public Policy

Nadiya Luzhetska.
Preventive Activity as an Integral Part of Implementing Public Policy of
Counteraction and Prevention of Drug Addiction

Vira Derega.
The Conceptual Foundations of Public Family Policy

Yuriy Hurbyk.
Main Directions of Improvement of the Institutional Mechanism of State
Recreational and Tourism Policy of Ukraine

Volodymyr Beglytsia.
Perspectives of Anticorruption Policy Realization in Ukraine under Conditions
of Authority-Public Relations Transformation

Vasyl Valenkov.
Forming of the Basis of Effective Social Public Policy: Theoretical Perspective